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Argentina and Barcelona player Lionel Messi will feature on the cover for the game, new features of which include players showing emotion according to what has happened in the game, and tactics such as time wasting.If can have more funs if you get the fifa coins from some website which have Fifa 15 Coins for sale

Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer at EA, said.“We’re extremely pleased to announce the extension of our partnership with the Premier League, the most played league in EA SPORTS FIFA.

As I say at the top of my review, this is a very good game of FIFA. Looking at the gameplay itself, it’s right up there with the best of them. The problem is, one of the key components is so unbalanced that it holds the rest of the experience back.

Goalkeepers have been completely revamped, but in an attempt to add a new level of realism, EA has forgotten to maintain a sense of fun. The keepers have inhuman reaction times, and are able to leap for shots that simply shouldn’t be possible. I compare the imbalance to to last year’s heading. In the early days of 14, heading was so out of whack that any cross into a box that had the likes of Fellaini, Benteke or Lukaku would almost certainly result in a goal. It was later addressed in a patch, but the problem with 15 is that goalkeepers are so integral, the be all and end all of most opportunities.

However, manager Manuel Pelegrini seems to have had enough of 'Team management' and decided that he'll focus on his real life players over their virtual counterparts.

FIFA 15, which features Lionel Messi and Chelsea's Eden Hazard on its front cover, is released to the public on Friday.